Pinterest, Please Bring Back Autocomplete Board Titles When Pinning

Add your name to the request list

A few days ago my favorite social media site Pinterest suddenly changed a key feature.

It used to be that when you were pinning something the last few boards you'd pinned to would pop up in a list along with a place to start tying the name of your board, which brought up a list. Now when you pin something the last board you pinned to pops up and you have to scroll down the list of all the boards you have to find the one you want.

I have a lot of boards. This is a huge hassle.

I posted a request about the feature and got this response:

We're always trying out new things behind the scenes at Pinterest and it sounds like you were a part of something new we were testing out.
I'm glad to hear that you liked it! I can't bring this feature back for you right now, but I will pass your feedback on to our team working on this feature.
Have a nice day,
Abby | Community Specialist

With that my request was "deemed solved". I will say I got a very quick response. Unfortunately, it still leaves me with the annoying fact that it now takes a lot longer to pin.
After hunting around the Pinterest site I found that other people have also asked them to put this feature back. If you agree, add your vote here :


Kimberly Polman said...

Hi, I'm SO glad it's not just me who is missing this feature! I've been so frustrated - I have over 100 boards and scrolling through them literally is making me dizzy. Pinterest used to be so much fun for me, and now i actually get a headache and need to step away, from the scrolling. Frustrating.

I did notice that on pinterest there is a section under "Help topics" that has a request in...this may help, as it's directly under pinterest' admin's eyes..

"Autocomplete a board title during pinning - this feature needs votes to get attention. I hate having to scroll through dozens of boards to add one pin. Go to help > Pinner Basics > Featured Requests then type or copy and paste to the search ' Autocomplete a board title during pinning ' VOTE"

I truly hope they bring this back. (I just saw that you had a vote thingy - not sure if this is the same one but if it is - thanks for putting it out there!)

Carlyn Clark said...

I think we're talking about the same voting link. When I posted this on Nov 13 there were on only 104 likes. Now there's 188. So let's spread the word & maybe they'll listen!

Keek said...

Me, too. I've got tons of quilting boards and it's such a pain scrolling through the entire list. I REALLY miss that feature.

I also noticed another issue... refreshing the page. While looking at the pins, all of a sudden the page will refresh and I have to go back and find my spot. grrrr!