Portable, Affordable Art and Design Portfolio Solution

carlyn clark's affordable, portable alternative to an art or design portfolio
Carlyn Clark's affordable, portable alternative to an art or design portfolio

I haven't had business cards in years, thanks to the electronic world we live in, but several times lately I wished I'd had one. I'd seen the cards from and thought the ability to print different images on the back was brilliant. So I picked 50 images of my pattern designs and quickly got an order off. And of course, before I'd even received them I'd decided to change email addresses, leaving them obsolete before they'd arrived.

Once I got them I realized they could serve another purpose. They come in a nice little box that's easy to tuck in my bag, and now I carry them with me at all times and use them as a mini-portfolio. I thought about punching a hole in the corner and stringing them together, but I find people like to flip through them, move them around, sort them differently and generally play around with them. It's a nice alternative to flipping through the big pages of my actual portfolio, and is a much more informal way to begin a conversation.

And Moo is having a sale through November 18, 2014 which brings the price down from $19.99 to $14.99. So head over & order a mini portfolio!

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