Liberate Your Art 2013 Postcard Swap

Kat Sloma again hosted the Liberate Your Art Swap this year. "The swap encourages you to create, share and liberate your art into the world where it can do it's greatest good". Kat reports that 1290 pieces of art were liberated this year.

I've been using postcards as a format for making art but hadn't taken a photo of a piece of my work and then turned it into a postcard. I used Zazzle and was really happy with the quality and turnaround time.

magnetisedbylife posted this photo after receiving my card

I love this photo taken by one of the recipients of my card.

Here are the cards I received:
from Jane

from Lynne, Pennsylvania/USA

"Spirit Navigator" by Terry Garrett 

"Adorned and Alone" by Kat Sloma

from Mary Underwood

a page from the Sketchbook Project Journal by Tracy Delisle