1952 Vintage Hankie

Looking through my bins of random fabric bits and pieces I came across this delightful little hankie that had belonged to my grandmother. I immediately posted it for sale on Ebay, not thinking much about it until I looked at it closely as I was folding it up for packaging.
1952 Calendar Hankie
1952 Calendar Hankie
At first I didn't think too much of it, but as I looked more closely it has some wonderful little designs.

1952 Hankie, detail of January through March
1952 Hankie, detail of January through March
There are little graphics on holidays - like a champagne glass on New Year's. The Easter Bunny looks like he might be fleeing something.

1952 Hankie, detail of April through June
1952 Hankie, detail of April through June
Around each month are illustrations that call back to the simpler times of 1952. The wedding illustrations for June shows a car with cans tied to the back heading to Niagara Falls. No pricey destination weddings involving families traveling en masse to St. Bart's back then! Flag day is noted as a holiday. Do we even celebrate that anymore? And Father's Day has a pipe. Definitely not how we think of Dad's today!

1952 Hankie, detail of July through September
1952 Hankie, detail of July through September
The summer months feature the firecracker for the 4th of July, a mom and her child enjoying the beach and back to school at "State". Not quite certain what the symbol is for Labor Day. 

1952 Hankie, detail of October through December

Holidays show Christopler Columbus' ship; a bat for Halloween; a turkey for Thanksgiving; what looks like maybe a plane for Veteran's Day (on a Tuesday - since this was before the days of 3 day weekend holidays); and a tree for Christmas. A pilgrim proudly displays the turkey he's shot as his wife runs joyfully toward him. And Santa is pulling a tree on a sled in addition to a bag of gifts. When did Santa stop bringing trees?

I'm so delighted with this hankie I'm regretting putting it up on Ebay (click on the Ebay link if you want to see it). Oh well, I'm sure whoever buys it will enjoy it as much as I have.  Maybe I'll try to reprint it at Spoonflower.


Pinterest, Please Bring Back Autocomplete Board Titles When Pinning

Add your name to the request list

A few days ago my favorite social media site Pinterest suddenly changed a key feature.

It used to be that when you were pinning something the last few boards you'd pinned to would pop up in a list along with a place to start tying the name of your board, which brought up a list. Now when you pin something the last board you pinned to pops up and you have to scroll down the list of all the boards you have to find the one you want.

I have a lot of boards. This is a huge hassle.

I posted a request about the feature and got this response:

We're always trying out new things behind the scenes at Pinterest and it sounds like you were a part of something new we were testing out.
I'm glad to hear that you liked it! I can't bring this feature back for you right now, but I will pass your feedback on to our team working on this feature.
Have a nice day,
Abby | Community Specialist

With that my request was "deemed solved". I will say I got a very quick response. Unfortunately, it still leaves me with the annoying fact that it now takes a lot longer to pin.
After hunting around the Pinterest site I found that other people have also asked them to put this feature back. If you agree, add your vote here :


Freeform Crochet Tutorials & Books

Workshop Scene
Photo from Sylvia Cosh::James Walters Crochet

Sylvia Cosh & James Walters have what I think is the most comprehensive selection of downloadable worksheets on Freeform Crochet Techniques. They've got downloads with both "English" and "American" translations of crochet terminology for each worksheet. The last sheet was posted in 2007, so it looks like this is they'll be posting. Reading through the list , it sounds like the syllabus for a complete course in Freeform Crochet.

1: Choosing Yarn & Hook
2: Terms/Abbreviations/Symbols
3: Crochet Stitch Reference – the Basics
4: Colour and the Colour 'Wheel'
5: Grey, Stone, Brown, Beige, Ochre & 'Natural' Colours
6: Colour Schemes
7: 'Scrumbling'
8: 'Crochet Circles' Fabric
9: Organic Crochet Patchwork
10: Spiral Scrumble
11: Square Scrumbling
12: 'Bosnian' Scrumbling
13: Bosnian Crochet – Neckpurse (simple project)
14: 'Tunisian/Afghan' Scrumbling
15: Openwork Scrumbling
16: Raised Square & Roundels (stitch patterns)
17: Raised Flower Hexagon & 'Lazy Wheel' (stitch patterns)
18: Intermeshing – Double Filet Basics
19: Intermeshing – Double Filet Neckpurse (simple project)
20: Spinnerama (Solomon's Knot Hanging Fabric)
21: Tote Bag Project
22: Simple Rounds and Spirals
23: Keeping Edges Straight
24: 'Flying' Stitches

I'm a huge fan of James Walters & Sylvia Cosh through which I've collected over the years. I'd say "The Crochet Workbook" is the book I turn to the most when starting a freeform project. I wasn't able to find it at any local bookstores, but of course Amazon's got it.