Zentangled ATC's - Assorted

A random assortment of ATC's featuring "Zentangles" (learn more about zentangling here) :

Cara (11/29/2011)

 Zentangle Pattern Organza: 6 variations
My favorite pens for tangling. They come in a set so they're easy to through in your bag and take with you. Plus the plastic sleeve keeps them organized. I also find having them all together reminds you to switch sizes when working on a piece. And this is a great price compared to my local Aaron Bros....

My favorite reference book for ATC's is 1000 Artist Trading Cards. It's a source of endless inspiration.


Mixed Media Collage ATCs: Profiles

A series of ATC's using cut out profiles and mixed media techniques:

Profile ATCs
I used the same profile shape in each of these Artist Trading Cards. Some of the profiles were cut out and glued on top of another image, and sometimes I used glued the negative space left from where the head had been cut out on top of other images. I wanted to have so many layers of paint, paper, and found bits of stuff that the original layer could not be seen at all.

I was once again inspired by, and used several techniques from, my favorite book on the subject: Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap. Highly recommend it!

These cards were swapped as part of the ATCs For All "Artist Choice" swap.

2011-86 Redhead 

 Maps and decorative papers with encaustic, melted wax, paint and markers.

2011-87 Linear Thinking
 Found book pages with melted wax, handmade paper and decorative papers with pen & ink and marker.
2011-88 Reality
 Tissue overlay on chalk resist (instructions here), found book pages, marker and liquid embossing.
2011-89 Blue Head
Tissue paper on printed paper.

2011-99 Deep Interest
 Pen & Ink drawing with decorative papers and fortune cookie fortune.

My "Inspired by Edie Eckman's Beyond The Square" Afghan

I used Edie Eckman's book, "Beyond the Square" crochet motif guidebook to make circles for my freeform afghan and enjoyed the square making process so much I've decided to make one of each of the motifs in the book and somehow put it together into an afghan.


Zentangled ATC's - Pattern Variations

I'm participating in a series of Zentangle Pattern variation swaps on Swap-Bot.  Each Artist Trading Card is made using one or more Zentangle Patterns beginning with a particular letter. Tangle Patterns is a great resource for an alphabetical listing of patterns with links to instructions. And here's a link to the list of "Official" Tangle Patterns.

Zentangled Pattern Series: A
 Zentangle pattern afterglo using .05Copic marker on polka dot paper.

Zentangled Pattern Series: A

Zentangle Pattern Aah using Copic .05 marker on hand painted paper.
Zentangled Pattern Series: B

The ATC on the left is the Zentangled pattern Bridgden. The card on the right has: Beadlines, Bateek, Bales, Barber Pole, Basketweave and Baton. First time I've used so many patterns in such a small space. very busy.....

Zentangled Pattern Series:C
 On the left are the Zentangled patterns Carres and Chard. I used the cover of a Tiffany catalog and a Copic .05 marker. On the right is teh Zentangled pattern Cockles 'n Mussels drawn with a white Sharpie Poster Paint marker (the best white pen I've found for Zentangling) on dark blue card stock.