Mixed Media Collage ATCs: Profiles

A series of ATC's using cut out profiles and mixed media techniques:

Profile ATCs
I used the same profile shape in each of these Artist Trading Cards. Some of the profiles were cut out and glued on top of another image, and sometimes I used glued the negative space left from where the head had been cut out on top of other images. I wanted to have so many layers of paint, paper, and found bits of stuff that the original layer could not be seen at all.

I was once again inspired by, and used several techniques from, my favorite book on the subject: Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap. Highly recommend it!

These cards were swapped as part of the ATCs For All "Artist Choice" swap.

2011-86 Redhead 

 Maps and decorative papers with encaustic, melted wax, paint and markers.

2011-87 Linear Thinking
 Found book pages with melted wax, handmade paper and decorative papers with pen & ink and marker.
2011-88 Reality
 Tissue overlay on chalk resist (instructions here), found book pages, marker and liquid embossing.
2011-89 Blue Head
Tissue paper on printed paper.

2011-99 Deep Interest
 Pen & Ink drawing with decorative papers and fortune cookie fortune.

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