Zentangled ATC's - Assorted

A random assortment of ATC's featuring "Zentangles" (learn more about zentangling here) :

Cara (11/29/2011)

 Zentangle Pattern Organza: 6 variations
My favorite pens for tangling. They come in a set so they're easy to through in your bag and take with you. Plus the plastic sleeve keeps them organized. I also find having them all together reminds you to switch sizes when working on a piece. And this is a great price compared to my local Aaron Bros....

My favorite reference book for ATC's is 1000 Artist Trading Cards. It's a source of endless inspiration.

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patricias fabric art said...

Hi Carlyn thank you for your opinion on my doll.I love your zentangles and the micron pens are brilliant,only I have to order them from the U.S.(like most of my craft supplies I find it so hard to get things here)and now they've run out so I must re order. Have you ever tried pen and ink?-its quite good ,only I'm not as good as you at doing them All the best for now and HAPPY NEW YEAR