Where to Order On-Demand, Custom Digitally Printed Fabric in Small Runs

8" Swatches from Spoonflower

I've been ordering custom printed fabric from Spoonflower, and as happy as I've been with everything about them, thought I should do due diligence and see what else is out there. Plus, I really would like to find some pure linen for prints for my own clothing and throw pillows. I'm sticking to services located in the U.S. that offer small runs. There are quite a few more companies than I've listed here that offer runs of 100 to 200 yards, but I'm looking for smaller runs than that.

With an easy to use interface and the ability to offer your designs for sale, Spoonflower is my favorite printer. Prices range from $17.50 to $ 38.00 per yard with a 10% discount for designers and a 20% discount for orders over 20 yards. There are weekly contests which give you visibility and let you tap into the Spoonflower community, which has been very welcoming and supportive of my beginner attempts at print design. You can order test swatches for $5, and they offer fat quarters for quilters and crafters. They're quoting a 10 day turn around, buy my last two orders have been faster than that. Shipping is based on weight and comes up in the order window.


A choice of 18 different fabrics, priced from $29.50 to $40 per yard and $5 shipping make this a good alternative to Spoonflower. You can only buy your own designs however, and there's no community as there is on Spoonflower. They promise to ship within 10 days or your order is free. They also have 8" swatch and fat quarter options.


In addition to offering a selection of prints from independent designers that are only available on the site, Modern Yardage offers a custom option on 56" fabric that is priced between $18 and $25 per yard, depending on the amount of ink used.


The 3 yard minimum and $65 - $125 per yard price tag make this out of reach for the casual stitcher. But they have a huge selection of fabrics available and are a good option for a small designer wanting the highest quality goods.

While teaching myself how to create designs in Illustrator and Photoshop, and then put the designs into repeat, I've found two books that manage to answer just about any question I come up with.