Crocheted Zig Zag & Freeform Bag

I used up more bits from the endless box of leftover needlepoint yarn to create a bag for my daughter.
Delaney's new bag

I started by making a simple zigzag rectangle of single crochet stitches turned on it's side.

The zigzag is inspired by one I saw in Sasha Kagan's book "Crochet Inspiration". It's one of my favorite books for having a good variety of stitch and motif patterns. My daughter wanted something that was vintage-y but modern. This reminded me of old afghans throw over Granny's couches.

I made a rectangle 13" x 24" using this pattern:

With Needlepoint yarn and G hook, Chain 80.

Foundation Row (right side): Work 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook. *Sc in next 5 ch, skip next 2 ch, sc in next 5 ch, work 3 sc in next ch.  Repeat from *, ending last rep with work 2 sc in last ch. Change color. Ch 1. Turn.

Row 1: Work 2 sc in first st, sc in next 4 st. *Skip next 2 st, sc in next 5 st, work 3 sc in next st, sc in next 5 st. Repeat from *. Work 2 sc in last stitch. Change color. Ch 1. Turn.

Repeat this row changing colors every row. I used 18 different colors of yarn.

the freeform flap on the blocking board

For the flap I made a freeform shape using rows and squares built upon each other. I just sort of started with a color and did rows and then changed direction and patterns fairly randomly.

Delaney's Crocheted Bag

I used a magnetic button clasp and sewed a vintage button on the front.
the back of Delaney's bag
For the strap I made 24 double crochet granny squares:
will post the instructions when I can find them!


Educator said...

How much yarn did this eat? I have these beautiful yarns but I am limited on supply so I want to make sure that I can do this with the yardage I have.

craftingwithstyle said...

I couldn't really tell you as I just used bits and pieces as I went along. I'd say go for it & let your yarn determine the size of your bag!

Cathy Milne said...

I like to buy yarn in bags from thrift stores. They are not very expensive, they build your scrap yarn collection. My last purchase I got 1.5 skeins of yellow and 5 other partial skeins all different colors. This project is made for ends and pieces. I look forward to making it.
Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

craftingwithstyle said...

Great idea Cathy! I'd love to see your bag when you're done!

Anonymous said...

Bellissima! Paola - Italy

Audrac said...

The bag is beautiful! Did you line it? If not, do you have issues with things falling/poking out of it? I've always wanted a crocheted bag, but was afraid stuff would fall out of it. (My fingers go through the washcloths - why not pens and pennies out of the purse?)

Carlyn Clark said...

Thanks amoredizia & Audrac. And yes, Audrac, I always line my bags. Lately, following a series of laundry mishaps, I've been using felted wool sweaters as lining. They've got enough body to give the bag a nice shape and the felted edge means I can just just stitch them up on the sewing machine and then use a blanket stitch to finish off the top edge.