Three Piles: Thinking, Frogging, Casting On

I've set up three piles. Depending on my mood - I can go to one of them and have something to do.

1. Set aside - figuring out what to do next.

2. It's just not working - start ripping.

3. Dumb simple work - grab it on the way to the orthodontist appointment or any time you need to work without paying much attention to what you're doing. Great to fill that "I need to finish something".

Quite a few things in pile #1: freeform sweater coat. new freeform project to fit the theme "Though Your Eyes"

Pile #2 has only one item - the Faffe Fassett/Regia sock yarn scarf project. The stripes are working nicely colorwise - but the shape isn't working.

Pile #3 has a fun new scarf from Knitty - Loopy & Luscious by Natalie Wilson. I'm using Kidsilk Haze & Crystal Palace Raggedy instead of Berocco Hip Hop. Looks great so far - and extremely easy to pick up at any time. Not loving the 19 needles - I'm awkward and clumsy with them.

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