Artyarns dilemma

I bought two skeins of Artyarns Handpaint Stripe to make the Multidirectional Scarf in Modular Knits by Iris Scheier. I made the scarf once before in solid colors. This time I wanted to try a self-striping yarn since that what was what had propelled Iris Schreier to develop the multidirectional technique. I figured what better than to use than her yarn.

Wrong assumption. I'm not happy with the way the stripes look. They're more blotchy than stripey looking. Fortunately - I have the second skein so I can just set this aside for now and try something new. Maybe it will look better over time...

Time to hit the bookshelf. I found the Misty Garden Scarf in "Scarf Style". It looks pretty in a blotchy sort of way - so it seems like it will work. Not liking this either. Reminds me too much of all the afghans Granny made in the 70's. And the colors are too bold - not blending together. I've still got the other ends of each skein to try something else.

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