New ATC's - Green Challenge

Created for the swap-bot challenge to make ATC's using the color green predominately. I came up withe some new (to me at least) textural techniques for the backgrounds that I was really happy with. I'm sure it's nothing new - but it was lots of fun & brought in interesting layers of color. (Which you can't see at all in the photos. A constant problem when I try to photo artwork with texture, shine or anything that's not high contrast flat color.) But back to the technique - I used dryer sheets and layered watercolors, acrylics & gloss medium which I hit with the heat gun to melt in places then attached to contrasting colored card stock & pressed in a book press. I discovered used dryer sheets look (& smell!) completely differently. I'm going to keep playing with it -seems like there's lots more ways to manipulate it. I also printed images on transparency & layered them on. Lots more to experiment with there too....

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