Sock Wars III

Whew. My socks are in the mail to my "victim". Now all I can do is wait to see of I'm killed before my socks reach their target. My sock skills definitely improved over the 7 days I worked on them. Now I wait to see what happens next. Will I get a lovely new pair of sock to wear from my killer - or a lovely new pair to finish for my next target. An excellent reminder of how many things are completely out of our control.... But I finished one pair start to finish! There's at least 154 people at this moment who can't say that!

1 comment:

Dora said...

Nice socks. I killed off your assasin on Thursday so I am awaiting the socks to now go after you. Ha Ha.

Can't wait. She has to send them cross country. Your assassin is in CA and I am in CT. I just hope she was really close to finishing :)