How to Make Your Own Hand Painted Shoes

The retro style of Dr. Scholl's sandals somehow never goes out of style. The wood base provides a perfect base for easy DIY painting. Designs can be retro, modern, streamlined, simple or intricate. Pick a favorite dress from your closet and paint shoes to match. Scroll through our designs for inspiration and see the step by step instructions on how to paint your shoes at the end of the post.

Pucci inspired paisley in hot colors
Just a little bit country

Inspired by a bandana, but in a modern color.

Indian inspired

shades of the same color

combining patterns from 2 dresses

Use clothes from your closet to inspire your design.

Asian inpired

a simple repeating pattern works best on the sides

The same pattern can be painted in different colorways

Soft pink tones coordinate with the clean white straps

Hawaiian inspired. Swarovski crystals on the sides add a bit of sparkle

Bright florals

The sides can be completely different

Tattoo inspired


The same pattern works with different colored strips

bold florals in bright colors

patterns can be simple and bold

soft toned florals

flowers look great with stripes

Inspired by french toile de jouy fabrics

lavendar straps with pake yellow and green design

dots are easy to paint

bright colored dots and stripes

hawaiian print

easy to paint dots on the sides

abstract zebras

zebra stripes flow onto the sides

What You Need:
A pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals
Painter's tape
100-grit sand paper
Wood primer
Acrylic or craft paints
Water based clear coat finish

Step by Step Instructions:
1. Open the clasp on the straps. Using painter's easy-to-remove tape cover the edges and top of the straps& fold them back & tape them to the bottom of the shoes to protect them during painting.
2.  Remove the Dr.Scholl's label & lightly sand the wood.
3. Prime the wood using Primer for wood. Let dry as directed on can. Sand lightly.
4. Lightly sketch your design onto the wood. To plan your design you can trace the shoe and play around with your pattern until you come up with something you like.
5. Paint your design. Acrylic or craft paints will both work. Allow to dry completely.
6. When completely dry apply at least 3 coats of clear coat, allowing to dry between coats. You need a good strong finish to protect the shoes from wear.

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Lima said...

Hi there, Lima from swap-bot here!
Nice blog! I liked this post, all these painting ideas are very cool! and matching them with the clothes you wear.. yay, approved! xD

Iggygirl said...

Neat idea. The canvas shoe (their cheap, I paid $5) are also fun for painting. I had some kids from the daycare I work at help me paint mine.

Pam said...

Such a great creative idea!! These are so cool! I love the idea of "wearing" your art!
(PamV from Swap-bot: Share your crafty blog)

Kreatita said...

They look supergreat, I don't wear sandals, but the paintings are very lovely because they're so colourful