How to turn your unused Babette Blanket Squares (or any other crocheted granny square) into a Scarf

Babette Squares Scarf - flip side
Babette Squares Scarf

My Babette Blanket squares had been sitting in a knitting bag for a really, really long time (April 2008!) My initial excitement about the project was long gone. I really didn't like the yarn, Plymouth Encore DK, because it was just to acryllic-y. And when I blocked the squares to get them to a place where they could actually be sew together the fabric seemed way too thin for a blanket or afghan.

Fortunately, at just about that time the Shanghai Guild, a group of devoted knitters and crocheters who meet weekly in Shanghai to make items for a variety of charities had a call for scarves for a local senior center. I gathered up the squares I had and made a scarf.

If you want the original pattern for the Babette Blanket it was in the Interweave Crochet Spring 2006 edition. You can download it here.

Upload an instruction sheet with a diagram of how to lay out the squares.

See tips on making Babette squares and a link to a pattern for a square. 

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annie2709 said...

Love Comment Blog <3 (2/3) oh wooooooow I'd so love to have one of those scarfs. I really love scarfs and I am always cold in winter. Well, I used to crochet myself, maybe I should go back to it - but it used to be something I either did in winter or when I was stressed (started it during my first state exam)... and now, well, now exams (I do be more than glad about this!!!) and no winters, well, no winters comparable to German winters, here in Texas... but, well, let's see what time will bring. Maybe I'll crochet my own scarf sooner than I think :)